Keno Casino Game

Do you wish to know more about Keno? Find out more about Keno and how to play it.

The fun of playing at an online casino comes with the type of games offered. A good online casino should offer unique games to its players. Keno is a gambling game relating to a lottery and is usually played at modern casinos. Visit for more information about Keno.

About Keno Game

The Keno game has its origin in China and has since spread throughout the world. Rumours have it that the Keno game played a bigger role in raising money to build the great wall of China. It is much easier to play Keno.

Players have to choose numbers between one to ten numbers from a given table of numbers. Besides, the payout depends on the numbers you choose. This means you have to choose many numbers to increase your payouts. Traditionally, balls were used to play the Keno game.

How to play Keno

One of the simplest online casino games to play and enjoy is Keno. The Casino software screen is the one that determines the winner by calling the 20 lucky numbers. If the number you chose happens to be on the list, then you become a winner.

When starting to play Keno, a card is presented to you with the 80 numbers to choose from. Alternatively, the numbers may be displayed on a table. All you have to do is pick up your lucky number and wait for the winner to be announced.


The Keno bonus

As with any other online casino game, Keno has a bonus feature. Bonuses are ways of encouraging players to eager more on a particular game by giving them more chances to play. You can use a bonus to wager on a game when you are out of funds.

With the optional Keno feature, a player can multiply his or her winnings for as much as ten times the initial amount. Besides Keno gives you a 100% matched bonus allowing you to win more cash. Keno is the game to bring you more money.

What's on your ticket

Your ticket will let you know the ticket cost as well as the spots you are playing. Also, the ticket will contain the numbers you have chosen for the Keno game. Also, information regarding the Keno bonus which is optional will be on your ticket also.

Also, the number of consecutive draws made for the keno game will be revealed through your Keno card/ticket. You don't want people to know the amount of money you use to gamble on a casino game right? This information will be on your Keno ticket also.

Most drawn numbers

It is easier to predict some of the numbers drawn on Keno. These are numbers that give people wins most of the time. Besides, they are your secrete to winning massive cash when playing the Keno game. The often drawn numbers are five in total.

The five numbers are one, four, 34, 72, and 23. Remember at Keno, each player has to pick a maximum of ten numbers that will be used to draw and come up with the winner. Remember to play safe and avoid problem gambling when playing Keno.

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